The Cayman Islands are made up of 3 incredibly friendly, very religious islands – Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. The majority of the population (~50,000 people, split 25k Caymanian, 25k ex-pats) lives on Grand Cayman. Most noted for its fantastic stretch of beach (7 Mile Beach), the Cayman Islands enjoy fantastic, hurricane-free weather year-round due to it’s location, tucked well away from most Caribbean storm paths. Also, as one of the more developed Caribbean islands, there’s little crime to speak of.

Cayman, as part of the British West Indies, pegs its currency to that of the UK. The island trades in both Caymanian (CI) and US dollars (US$).

Tipping is usually expected everywhere you go to eat or drink. Most bars and restaurants will add at least 15% to your bill and you should check before paying to be sure. Your bill will usually come priced in CI dollars with the US$ price below it. If unsure, always ask your to clarify. The 15% addition is not a legal requirement and you do not have to pay it if the service received was below par. Tipping taxi drivers is appreciated but unnecessary.

Below are some of the restaurants, attractions and nachos from Coconut Joe’s that we were able to partake in during our stay. We hope this helps you plan something fun to do for an afternoon!

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(Psst! Grand Cayman has been named Travelers’ Choice 2011 #1 destination in the Caribbean and Mexico AND #1 Caribbean Beach by US News Travel.)