Snorkeling & Scuba
The Cayman Islands are one of the world’s top dive destinations. The warm, calm waters, 100 ft. plus visibility and breath-taking variety of marine life offer a world of exciting logbook entries. Each island offers very different diving adventures for divers of all levels from novice to Nitrox and Tec diving.

There are more than 40 dive operations in GC:  Living The Dream Divers | Seasports Diving | Neptune’s Divers | Cayman Diver

The KittiwakeCayman’s Newest Underwater Dive Attraction

The Kittiwake, a de-commissioned naval ship, was submerged on the north end of Seven Mile Beach in December 2010. The 5-deck, 2200-ton Kittiwake, built in 1945, was a Chanticleer-class submarine rescue ship in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Now it is one of the greatest artificial reefs in the Caribbean.

The Kittiwake is an interesting attraction for divers with several rooms for divers to search; such as the recompression chamber, air bank storage, the engine room and dive locker. Being sunk in only 65 feet of water, the top of the bridge and smoke stack will be 20 feet from the surface, a perfect depth for snorkelers to also be able to observe the wreck.

The Snorkel Guru blog offers detailed guides and interactive maps for some the Caribbean’s best snorkeling.  The list features off-the-beaten-path areas of Grand Cayman that few visitors ever get to experience.

Stingray City

Legend has it that kissing a stingray brings you 7 years of good luck.

Located between Rum Point and Barkers Beach, Stingray City is a sand bar where the water is waist deep. The stingrays began gathering in the area decades ago when fisherman used to clean fish on the shallow sand bars. The stingrays would forget their normally shy dispositions and feast on the guts of the cleaned fish. Soon the stingrays began to associate the sound of a boat motor with food.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and is suitable for ALL ages. As you enter the clear waters, the graceful southern stingrays glide tranquilly past in their natural habitat. Standing in only three feet of water you will be surrounded by more than two dozen friendly stingrays.

There are several tour operators who will take you to Stingray City. Each involves a short boat ride to the sandbar area at the North Sound.

Moby Dick Tours– voted “Best of Cayman” for last 4 years | Captain Marvin’s Tours | Stingray City Trips

Shopping in George Town
Two facts combine to make Grand Cayman an attractive shopping-spree destination. First, the island has no sales tax, keeping prices low. Second, American citizens can return home with up to $1,000 worth of goods duty-free, and that allowance applies to children too. George Town, the island’s main city and capital of the Cayman Islands, is the best place for shopping, but try Seven Mile Beach and West End as well.

The Westin’s Hibiscus Spa is a tranquil, full-service spa offering facials, massages, body scrubs & wraps and manicures & pedicures. Couples’ massages also available.  As nice & modern as any upscale NYC spa, you can truly relax and enjoy the showers, steam room and sauna before your treatment.

Rum Factory Tour
Discover the rich history of Carribbean rum.  Tour guides lead you through a real working distillery where you’ll witness the process of refining, aging and blending.  The tour concludes at the onsite bar for rum tasting.

Cayman Turtle Farm
The only one of its kind in the world, the Cayman Turtle Farm is home to over 11,000 Green Sea Turtles, ranging in size from six ounces to six hundred pounds each. Visitors can tour an actual working farm and turtles are available for guests to hold for a photo opp. The park offers visitors a unique opportunity to swim and snorkel with fish and other marine life in its 1.3 million gallon salt-water lagoon. Guests can also peer into the predator tank and come nose-to-nose with sharks and eels.

Catamaran Cruises
With a fleet of 65-foot catamarans, Red Sail offers a variety of cruises that conveniently depart from points along Seven Mile Beach (including the Westin & Marriott hotels). They offer breakfast, dinner and sunset cruises in addition to several snorkeling trips with destinations at the Kittiwake Wreck, coral reefs, and Rum Point.

The cool breeze from the Trade Winds make the Cayman Islands the perfect Caribbean island for golf. The North Sound Club is open to the public and is the only 18-hole Championship course in the Cayman Islands. Finding iguanas, birds and small lizards on the course is expected and creates a bit of excitement when playing through. Designed by Jack Nicklaus the Britannia Golf Course features a 9-hole championship course or a 18-hole short course. This layout features a chance to shoot over the north sound on the 5th hole.